Meet Wall

MeetWall is an interactive intervention that facilitates the serendipitous social interaction between passerby’s on Market Street.

MeetWall is composed of an array of lightweight tiles that rotate about their center in response to sensor input. MeetWall’s Kinect sensors monitor proximity and location of those within range of the wall. As one gets closer to the wall, the tiles are activated, and rotate to 45 degrees to allow some transparency. When two people are aligned at either side of the wall, the panels in the zone of said people rotate to 90 degrees, allowing full visual connection.

This sudden and unexpected face to face with a stranger provides a unique experience that strips away the anonymity of the urban street. During phases where no individual is within immediate range, the wall flutters and flirts, inviting people to investigate.

Team: Matt Bowles, Michael Chamoures, Louise Deguine, Chad Kellogg, Paul Tiplady

Video by Eugene Lee